Tubing, Harness and Insulation products are used in a vast array of applications from simple non shrink tubing, to 1427C ceramic sleeving, silicone tapes to FR expandable sleeving. WESTERN CABLE COPORATION supplies it all.

NON SHRINK: Extruded Teflon (PTFE) tubing provides a heat and abrasion wire insulator under the most adverse conditions. 200C to 250C @ 150V, 300V and 600V
HEAT SHRINK: Flame retardant, flexible PTFE and Polyolefin heat shrink tubing and melt wall tubing are suited for a variety of commercial and military insulating and repair applications.
HIGH TEMP SLEEVING: High temperature Sleeving 130C to 1,427C offer a thermally stable, flexible protective outer coating for a variety of cable protection applications.
EXPANDABLE SLEEVING: Durable polyester and FR Poly expandable sleeving is perfect for commercial and military assemblies to protect against abrasion, mildew and aging.